Sunday, July 13, 2014

Two Linkys on a Sunday

Hello all! Happy Sunday :)
Hope you all are enjoying your summer vacations...I know I personally am being as lazy as possible!

Tonight I am linking up with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for A Peek at My Week and Blog Hoppin for their Scavenger Hunt Linky.

So what does my week look like? Well, I am finally getting into the "back to school" spirit. There are countless projects and ideas rolling around in my head right now!

(1) Tomorrow my plan is to paint my bookshelves at school! I inherited six bookshelves in my classroom last year (how lucky am I, right?) but was too overwhelmed with the whole "being a new teacher and freaking out" thing to worry about what color they were. They are a collection of bright yellow, hunter green, royal blue, and just plain wood. Yuck. So my plan is to paint them all a dark brown color (to go with my color scheme currently and hopefully any in the future) tomorrow. If they look good and I don't die, they might show up in Monday Made It tomorrow ;)

 (2) I also had my first product request on TPT! I LOVE my Classroom Library Labels, especially since I revamped them not too long ago. A sweet follower of mine requested some black, red, and white polka dot labels for her classroom. So this week I will be whipping those up for her. I currently have chevron and zebra rockstar labels in my store now, if you want to check them out!

(3) My last plan for the week is to continue participating in the Blog Hoppin 2014 Scavenger Hunt! Have you checked this out? I am loving it. I uploaded like four pictures on my Instagram tonight. Sorry. But not really. Because I really want to win A CAMERA. Seriously!!! I have already highlighted a bunch of items on the list to take pictures of tomorrow at school. Planning ahead. It's what winners do, okay? Okay. Here are some of my favorite posts so far...

 A collection of seashells (just added some coral from our Hawaii trip!) and someone wearing leopard print (me... of course). Bought those sandals yesterday at my favorite place ever- Target! And they were on sale. Boom.

A coaster, a library card (mine, duh), and something gold.

Six different colors of construction paper, mismatched socks, a PD book, and a teacher mug. 

So if you haven't been scavenger-hunting...what are you waiting for? So easy. So fun. And a great way to meet other bloggy friends. Check out the rules and get your Blog Hoppin sign and item list here. If you're on Instagram, find me @cuteintheclassroom to follow my scavenger hunt journey and cheer me on! Or just follow me. Cause I'll follow back. And I like making friends :)

And don't forget to give us a peek at your week here!


  1. Ok... I WANT those shoes!!! So cute! Thank you for linking up!!

  2. Love those leopard shoes! So stinkin' cute!

  3. I think we ALL love those shoes! Funny to see Amy and DeeDee both mention them!
    xoxo, kacey

  4. I think it's official . . . um . . . those shoes are UH-MAY-ZING! I am loving seeing all of the pictures.