Thursday, November 13, 2014

Spreading Schoolwide Thankfulness - A Thanksgiving Freebie

Yep! It's me. Blogging. When was the last time that happened? August maybe? Ha. Well, as always, despite my best intentions, school overtook my blogging. More like my whole life. But today I'm popping in to share with you a fun Thanksgiving activity I created for my kiddos next week!

Inspired by the idea of doing Random Acts of Kindness, my students and I will be working next week to spread thankful notes throughout our school. And you can too! Here's the plan.

Each student will get a note (I'll be doing the black & white version on cardstock) that they will decorate. They will then write a short note of thankfulness and sign our class name. As a class, we will go throughout the school and deliver our notes of thankfulness, sometimes leaving them as a surprise!

The idea of this activity is to get students thinking about thankfulness, and to spread some much-needed kindness during the crazy days before Thanksgiving break. And maybe to take up some time, too. But I didn't say that ;)

There are so many ways you can tweak this...You could have students send notes to their parents/families or one another. Or you could just send notes yourself! Share your ideas in the comments if you have them :)

The best news? It's FREE! The "We are so thankful for you" notes are a freebie in my TPT store. Grab them and get some gratitude going with your students!

So how are you teaching your students about thankfulness? I'd love to hear your ideas!  

Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving :)

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