Sunday, May 11, 2014

End of the Year Madness and New Products!

Hello all!
The countdown to the end of the year is ON! My fourthies and I have already started our EOY Celebration with daily fun activities- outside reading, art projects, no shoes, etc. To make it super exciting, I even put the activities on sheets of paper inside balloons that we pop each day. They are loving it! Follow Cute in the Classroom on Instagram for pictures :)
To go along with our countdown, I created some fun products. Three of them are now available in my store and one is a FREEBIE! Love those.

Up first is our Autograph Book. It's a simple half-page book that you can print, cut, and staple. Exchanging autographs is another one of of our countdown activities that I am looking forward to!

PS- All of these products are created in black and white. We can't print in color at my school, so I'm keeping it simple and printer-friendly for the end of year ;) 

Next, I whipped up some Classroom Awards for my kiddos. Originally, I typed up my students names on them and personalized them to their specific talents. I can't wait to give them out as one of our countdown activities! For TPT, I left a space for you to write in a name, your signature (to look all fancy), and the date. This comes with 25 different categories!
Spelling Star, Fashionista, Great Leader- all kinds. Check it out if you're looking for an easy way to award your kids before the summer. 

And finally, (drumroll please) a FREEBIE! As another one of our countdown activities, my students are going to write letters to next year's fourth graders about "How to Have a Sweet Year". I can't wait to see what they write! This freebie can be used in lots of ways though! Back to school, New Year's, End of the Year, etc. Go get it!
Wishing you a wonderful end of the year! Personally, I'm just trying to survive the month of May ;)


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