Sunday, May 25, 2014

Top Ten Things I Want To Do This Summer Link Party

Hello all! Today I am linking up with the lovely Mrs. Jump's Class to talk about the top ten things I want to do this summer!

Technically, I'm not on summer break yet :( I have three more days!!! But, it's Memorial Day Weekend, I'm feeling summer-y, and I am beginning to round up all the things I want to accomplish. 

1. First of all, and most importantly, I am going to Hawaii!! Yep, you read that right. This small-town Arkansas girl is going to Maui in a little over a month! I'm probably the most excited just to be going to on a plane (I've never been), but to be going to paradise? Let's just say I'm counting down the days ;)

 2. I am planning on getting some serious pool time in this summer. There is nothing better to me- tanning, reading, floating... I may or may not be getting an early start on this one today ;) This is yet another reason I love my in-laws- we live next door to them and their pool. So... you know where you'll find me every day!

3. Next, I want to spend some quality time with the husband. My first year of teaching has taken a serious toll on him too! I work A LOT. I'm stressed A LOT. I take it out on him.... never ;) So I really want to make it up to him this summer. Trips, dinners, dates, and I may even try playing some video games. I know, crazy!

4. Fourth, more blogging! I have so AWOL this year it's not even funny. But I'm back! Or at least I'm hoping to be :)

5. I have about a bajillion (ballpark number) product/center/activity ideas that have been collecting in my brain this year. So I am looking forward to doing some "want-to-do" things and less "have-to-do" things.

6. I LOVE to read. I've kept it up some during the school year, but I have a stack of books calling my name at the moment. And no, they are not school-related. That's the point :) Here's what I'm currently reading:

7. Family time! I see my family a lot, but I feel like the whole time I'm thinking about school, typing away on my laptop, or grading papers. So I am definitely planning on spending some work-free time with the fam. Here's me and my two sisters at baby sister's prom a few weeks ago:

8. I definitely want to make time for some crafting. I've already got a plan for a summer wreath in the works! Breaking out the sharpies and the glue gun soon, for sure. I've been really into calligraphy lately:

 9. I'm (re)watching all of FRIENDS. I love this show. Husband (because he's awesome) recently bought me the whole series. So you can bet that will be the TV show of my summer!

 10. And last, workout. Bleck. I hate exercise. But I've lost 9 pounds this Spring, and I want to keep that going. No picture, because let's be honest, I don't like it. Haha.

And that's the plan! My Top Ten Things for this summer! What are your plans? I'd love to hear them!

And don't forget to link up over at Mrs. Jump's.

Happy Summer!



  1. Your list sounds awesome!!! I'm a fellow Arkansas blogger! I live in NWAR. I've taught 1st grade for a kajillion years and i'm moving up next year, hopefully to 3rd or 4th grade. I'm so excited!!! I love change!!! Nice to see you on here!
    One Berry Blog

    1. Nice to see you too! I live in SWA. I am starting my second year in fourth grade. Thanks for stopping by! :)