Monday, April 29, 2013

Five For Friday! (On Monday)

Like I said in my last post, I have been a little lotta out of the blogging world for the past month or so. Student teaching/spring busy-ness got pretty crazy! But I am happy to be back and sharing five things from my last week in 2nd grade.

 1. Earth Day Cupcakes! I got the idea off of Pinterest to make little edible earths for my kiddos. They loved them! Just use regular cake mix (I reccomend white) and blue and green food coloring. Layer the two together (do not mix or swirl) and bake away! I also suggest using lots of food coloring to make the colors really stand out ;)
 2. Last Day Fun! After spending most of the day performing our fairy tales puppet shows (which were awesome), my second graders teamed up with their teacher to throw a little goodbye party for me on Friday. They were so excited about surprising me. We ate ice cream and partied by watching Magic School Bus. My kinda afternoon ;)

3. My kiddos and teacher also surprised me with a basket full of teaching goodies for my classroom! It was full of stickers, posters, supplies, and other fun stuff! I am so set to get a job and get to teaching ;) Big thanks to my class for their sweet gifts, hugs, and memories. 
 4. Last Day Letters. My kids all wrote me letters for my last day. They wanted to read them to me, but I waited until I got home so I could cry in peace ;) They were so sweet and thoughtful. I resisted (somewhat) the urge to correct their spelling/grammar/letter writing skills and just cherished their adorable words.

5. Weekend Fun! After a crazy last week of school, I celebrated being done with my husband and little sister. We rented Les Miserable, ate lots of cookie dough, and spent the weekend being incredibly lazy. Perfect end to an awesome week! :)

Anddddd those are my five!

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  1. Sweet littles and their letters to you. Absolutely adorable cupcakes too!!