Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Tattles - New Stuff!

tuesday tattles

This checklist helps students edit their own persuasive letters. Did I have a strong opinion? Does my letter have a greeting, body, and closing? FREE
"My Persuasive Letter" Checklist" Freebie
A cute but simple checklist for students to self-assess their persuasive letters. Does it have a greeting, body, and closing? Did I include a strong opinion? Did I use strong words? Get it for free here!

This science journal packet has everything you need to study light with your students! Colors of the rainbow, photons, visible light, etc.
"Learning About Light" Science Journal
I love this lesson. This packet introduces the concepts of visible light, the colors of the rainbow, photons, and light sources. It also includes the directions for completing the "indoor rainbow" experiment with your students. For this packet, I also included a teacher's guide with notes and ideas from my personal teaching experience with this unit. Check it out here!   


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