Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fan Freebies Tab is Up and Running!

Hello all! So I joined the "cool blogger kids" club and made a Fan Freebies tab for Cute in the Classroom's Facebook page. I love these things. I don't know who came up with this originally, but they're smart.

Disclaimer: Making this was a pain in the butt. I'm no technology expert, for sure, but it took me a good hour or so to do. And I made the mistake of starting on it late at night. So don't do that. But if I can make one of these, anyone can! Just being real, y'all ;)

So anywho, I used this great tutorial from Ashley Hughes at The School Supply Addict. She has two really helpful videos that show you what to do. 

If you haven't heard of these nifty tabs, they offer freebies to people who like your Facebook page. I like to think of it as a kind of reward for putting up with all my posts. Haha.
So what kind of freebies did I post for my Facebook friends? Two freebies from my TPT store:
And two special freebies,  of course. Remember my Synonym Swap? {Read about it in this post} Like my page and you can get those files for free (without having to leave your email...haha). 
Aaaaaannnnnddddd (drumroll please) Voice Levels Chart! I originally posted about it here. It's up in my TPT store for a dollar, but why pay that if you can get it free??

So there you have it! These files will change periodically, so watch for new posts and flash freebies. You never know ;) 
What do you have to do? Head to my page and click "like". Click on the Fan Freebies tab. To download the freebies, just click on the pictures. Some will lead you to my TPT page to download and others will open with Google Drive. 
If you have any problems, questions, or I messed something up (very possible...haha) please let me know! Email me or leave a comment on this post or my page. 

Thanks so much for reading and following along with my journey so far. And a big thank you to Caitlin at Always Sunny in a Windowless Classroom for inspiring me to "join the club" :)

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