Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Exciting New Product!! "Learning the Continents" MEGA PACKET!!!

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For the past two weeks I have been working hard on an exciting new product for my class/TpT store! Lately we have been reading folktales/stories from around the globe. But my littles have been having some trouble understanding the difference between states, countries, and continents. In fact, they were quite convinced that Russia just had to be a continent because it was so big! (They have a point, you know). And one of my students told me that they "knew there were 50 states in the world, but how many planets were there?" Obviously, it was far past time for some geography learning!!! ;)

I hit the "interwebs" (as my husband would call them) to see what the world had to offer me in this area. Being my OCD self, I didn't find much that caught my eye. So of course I made my own! These packets are a combination of many skills we have been working on, while still making it a fun, interesting learning experience. 

Each of the seven packets (1 for each continent) has a map for students to color and study, a short reading passage, several "fun facts" for them to peruse, 3 or 4 comprehension questions to test their knowledge, and a puzzle or game to sum it all up (wordsearch, crossword puzzle, etc.)!
And of course, they are super cute! Though I am somewhat  biased ;) I really enjoyed making these for my students, and so far they have really loved completing them! Enjoy!

Get the packet here. And don't forget to follow my store! Have a great week!


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